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Antique Lures and Lure Boxes
Pre-1940 wood lures and their boxes. Over 500 pages of information, prices, photos, and how-to for collecting antique fishing lures.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:16:40

Rating: 2.5 Total score: 15 (6 votes)
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Online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the proper restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:17:13

Rating: 2.8333333333333 Total score: 17 (6 votes)
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Antiques and Collectibles Dealer Associations
Links to the main antiques and collectibles dealer associations.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:18:17

Rating: 1 Total score: 2 (2 votes)
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Site for antique and collectible News, Information, Tips, and the Top sites on the Web.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:17:47

Rating: 2 Total score: 4 (2 votes)
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Appraisal Day.com
Paul Royka, an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow, provides online appraisals of antiques, fine art, and collectibles.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:18:46

Rating: 2.6666666666667 Total score: 8 (3 votes)
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Charles Locksmith.Com
A large collection of antique locks, skeleton keys, gate locks, doorknobs, roses and hinges.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:19:37

Rating: 0 Total score: ( votes)
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Colin Ritchie & Company
Appraisals of antiques and fine arts for submission to auctions, estate valuation, and insurance purposes.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:20:07

Rating: 2 Total score: 2 (1 votes)
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Currier & Ives Lithographs
Original Currier and Ives Lithographs and collector books from the collection of George Cohenour. Also offers conservation and restoration of antique lithographs and prints.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:20:40

Rating: 3 Total score: 6 (2 votes)
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DeBence Antique Music World
Museum of antique mechanical musical instruments.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:21:16

Rating: 3 Total score: 6 (2 votes)
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Fine Art Investments
Broker and appraisal services for paintings, early American furniture, art glass lamps, pre-Columbian artifacts, and other quality art and antiques worldwide.
Submitted: 2012-04-09 05:22:01

Rating: 3 Total score: 6 (2 votes)
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